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January 20, 2014 |

At Ron Flowers Sports, we offer gait analysis for everyone who is purchasing a pair of running shoes, from your first pair to your fifty-first. We give you all the same service, one of the people to capitalise on this service is Rachel Proctor, whom is a keen runner and runs for Stafford Harriers.

She came in recently for a new pair of shoes ready to take on the Silverstone half marathon, Stafford half marathon and then building up to the London marathon on 13th April.

She utilised the gait analysis service that we offer to find her the perfect shoe that fits her running style and comes back again and again for shoes off the back of her analysis.

She is a dedicated runner who puts in a lot of hard miles and training to achieve her goals.

If you wish to follow her progress and are on Facebook, have a look at Rachel’s page or keep a eye on the blog here for further updates.

On behalf of the Ron Flowers team we wish her all the best of luck in her running. 

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