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Running Never Sounded So Good

May 14, 2014 |

Yes, you heard that right running never sounded so good. We aren’t talking about the sound when you run or exercise we are on about if you listen to music whilst you do your exercise.

In store this week is a new innovative product from AfterShokz, whom have created a new version of their open ear headphones in response to certain organisations banning the in-ear type due to safety concerns.

We are stocking firstly the Sport 3 and Sport M3 which are identical but the M3 headset has a microphone built in which is perfect if you need to take a call whilst your exercising or out and about these are perfect for you, where as the Sport 3 don’t feature a microphone so if you don’t want to be disturbed whilst out then pick these ones.

They are available now and also coming soon there will be a bluetooth wireless version.

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