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Time For Cricket?

January 24, 2015 |

New Cricket Season, New Kit

2015 may already be 24 days old (at time of writing this) but a lot has happened in sport in this time, runners are hard in their preparation for their chosen marathon/park run/half-marathon, footballers are halfway through their season and the pitches are either frozen or slightly like swamps, same for those who’s sport is rugby who toil away week after week on boggy pitches. One group though that are only just starting to get ready are those who play cricket, with winter season nets almost over, most players will now be starting the long dilemma of do they need new equipment or not to take into the new season and nets sessions.

Here at the shop for the cricketer in you its pretty safe to say that we have you covered, with brands like Gray-Nicolls, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra and more in the bat department we are positive that what ever type of player you are we will find a bat to suit your playing style and mainly your wallet.

In terms of bats new in this week we have the range from GM, which adds to the success from last years bats the Six6 and the Icon with new bats called the Mogul and the Sigma taking centre stage with striking on bat graphics and colour schemes to boot. The Mogul arrives this year with a bright purple & white which appeals to the batsman who likes their bat to stand out from the crowd, available in sizes from 4 all way up to Short Handle including the exclusive Academy size which is perfect for a person who is slightly bigger than a Harrow but doesn’t want the weight of a Short Handle bat.

Also new this year from GM is the Sigma and we have to say this is possibly the most different bat we have seen in store with its striking red & white digital pattern graphics, and precision cut grooves in the back of the blade, this could be argued as the stand out bat for the year on looks alone, again this bat is available in a variety of sizes.

On the GM Bats we offer a range of quality willow and to make your decision a little easier we have included a mini guide to the willow grades on each bat below;

Player’s Edition – Best of the best willow, made to the said players own specification & a incredibly beautiful piece of English willow.

Original L.E – The very best unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow, Selected for grain structure and weight, Limited by willow availability

Original – Superior unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow. Straight grained with a hint of colour and minor cosmetic blemishes

808 – Superior unbleached seasoned Grade 2 English Willow, Minor blemishes and some colour on one edge

606 – Superior Seasoned bleached Grade 3 English Willow, Minor blemishes with some colour on one edge

Thats the batting section rounded up for you, but don’t think we are only doing new bats this year, we have a great range of luggage and protection for you so all your kit travels in style and every part of you is protected when you go out to the middle.

We have new in the GM range in batting pads and gloves as well as a range of items to co-ordinate with them such as boxes, arm pads, thigh guards and the like, with varying quality like the batting grades above with colours to nicely match the bats for the ear so a light blue or purple depending on the range you choose from.

Wicket keepers shouldn’t be feeling left out as we have you covered again this year with a great range of gloves from the big brands and in beautiful colours too, we also have the matching leg-pads too so you can make sure everything is just right as you go out to make that important catch or stumping.

With all this gear your going to need some serious luggage, with the new range currently in store & online from Gunn & Moore with the other brands to follow shortly we have duffle bags, wheelies and even a duffle back pack which is new for this year from GM in a lovely two tone blue colour scheme.

As always we have stock of all bat accessories such as grips, oil, facings, and repair kits to keep that new prized bat of yours in tip top shape for seasons to come.

Keep a eye here on the blog and even our social media pages, like twitter (@ronflowerssport), Facebook (Ron Flowers Sports), Google+ (Ron Flowers Sports) and now Instagram (@ronflowerssports) for all the latest news on products coming in to store as well as images of the store as the year progresses with new ranges added as they arrive into store.

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