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March 21, 2014 |

The past two weeks have been a very busy time in the shop with the arrival of new items from Asics, Ronhill, Polar and Skechers to name but a few.

We have taken delivery of new shoes, runners clothing and also some new tech from Polar which will be a revelation once you have seen it.

To start we have had in for all you runners, the new supplies of Asics GT series ranging from the GT1000 to GT3000 and even some of the new Gel Nossa 9 which comes in a multicoloured style.

For those who like their gym work and also to walk we have taken delivery of the new range from Skechers called the Go Walk to run alongside the successful range of memory foam shoes which also we have taken new stock of for mens & ladies ranges. The go walk and the slip on shoes are something to behold they are of the Nike Free ilk but a slightly more lighter option for those in the gym or just a general trainer.

Moving onto the clothing side of the world; we have taken delivery of a great new range from Ronhill who are renowned for their trackster range, we have had some of their new brighter range in what is known as the Advance clothing, which is great for those nice spring/summer moments when you are out running or even just doing general fitness.

Finally; the one item which has got the whole of the team excited is the Polar Loop, a piece of kit which measures heart rate (if worn with a Polar heart rate monitor), steps, calories and also links into your smartphone and even most gym equipment now.

The loop is a perfect gift for the person who likes to keep fit but also likes a good bit of fitness tech too. Currently available in black but more colours arriving soon.

So as far as the current new stock in as you can tell it has been busy time for us, so do come in and take a look at our new items and keep a eye out for them on our website soon.

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