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Gunn & Moore 5 Star Dealer Training Day

March 01, 2013 |

On the 27th of March, Will, Mike and Jez went up to Nottingham for a training day for 5 Star dealers.

They started the day with a presentation on the history of cricket and how it has evolved. They looked at some of the first bats ever made.

Intersting fact was that the first Gunn & Moore bat was made by neither William Gunn or Thomas Moore, the first bat maker was a man called William Sherwin, Thomas Moore’s son in law, he made bats for William Gunn who played for England and Nottingham at the time.

They also got  a real treat in the famous Dennis Lilley Aluminium bat, (, this bat nearly changed cricket as we know it! Luckily the bat damaged the ball too much!

They then got a guided tour of the factory, looking at how a bat is made from the tree to the shop. All three were amazed at how every bat made by Gunn & Moore goes through one individual doing their one specific job, whether this by sanding them down, pressing them or putting the stickers on. Every Bat is worked on by each of the skilled workers.

They then met Kevin, who has worked at GM for 38 years, who is regarded as one of the top bat makers in the country. Every professional using GM has their bat made to their specific criteria by Kevin.

Then it was back to the presentation room for a look at their new bats for 2013. Details of how each bat is graded, the shapes of each bat and also how to identify the pick up score was given. It was then competition time, with 10 blank bats being given out and each person having to identify the model, grade and pick up. The competition winner was our very own Mike, who then won the grand prize of a replica signature bat!

At the end all three were presented with certifcate of their attendance, and now have a secure knowledge of all the GM Bats. This will allow them to identify the ideal bats for our customers.

So if you are looking for a bat, pop down and test their knowledge!

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