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Preventing The Blister

March 23, 2015 |

Preventing The Blister | Ron Flowers Sports

We all know that blisters are a common bane of being active in sport, with poorly fitting shoes, sweaty feet and even a bad pair of socks causing blistering on the feet and how uncomfortable it is once you have a blister  as you try to keep fit.

This is why in store we have taken delivery of a innovate new product called the ENGO Blister Prevention Patches, which are made to not effect your footwear in fit terms whilst protecting the most delicate parts of your feet. Similar to how a gel heel plaster works these patches are designed to feel like they aren’t there, so if you have a blister it will help you to continue on your runs in whatever conditions you face.

These patches unlike similar products from Compeed for example are more flexible than your standard blister plaster as it is directly applied to the shoe so the support and comfort is continuous on that shoe from the moment you peel that backing off. Also these patches are available in various sizes so can be shaped to fit whatever application you would possibly need them for.

The patches themselves are only 0.38mm thick so the difference in fit is pretty much non-existent once they are secured to the shoe (with the patches own strong adhesive backing) they will fade into the background and you won’t even realise that you had put them there in the first place.

ENGO patches aren’t just there for treating blisters, they help t prevent them too so when you have a new pair of dress shoes for example add them into the shoe whilst breaking the shoes in and you would notice a difference in the feel (in other words your feet want be torn to shreds by the shoes) whilst aiding that long process of the breaking in period.

We are pleased to stock the patches online and in store in various sizes and all the staff here have tried the patches out on their own footwear and have come to the same conclusion that the patches are the way forward for aiding and preventing blisters on the feet.


So pop into store today or go online and pick up a set to try now.

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