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Targeting The Power

April 11, 2016 |

Targeting The Power

Its time to talk darts, more specifically arguably the best* (in popular opinion) darts player of all time Phil “The Power” Taylor. Phil is well known for tweaking his equipment and making the slightest change to get the best out of his playing style to get those 180’s as he chases down world number one “Mighty” Micheal Van Gerwin in the PDC.

At the start of the month in conjunction with Target Darts, Phil released a brand new dart on to the scene the Generation Three Power 9Five which is available in 22,24 & 26 gram variants (with 26g being Phil’s weight of choice)

A lot of changes have been made to his new darts from the generation 2 dart (with the quattro grip). Firstly the look of the dart has massively changed from the deep rich blue of the past two generations of Power 9Five to the new Electric Gold/Silica Brown/Silver colouring that is found on the Gen 3 dart. A second major change that has occurred on the new darts is the grip structure on the dart, the darts retain the pixel grip which Target has become synonymous with on their elite darts (with Dave Chisnall, The Carrera & The Power 9Five range) but this time the darts start with five gold rings of pixels which morphs into a standard ringed grip in the gold, then thats where everything has changed with the new pixel grip but with a silica coating overlaid onto the dart to give more grip and symmetry that Phil was looking for compared to the grooved finish on his Gen 2 darts or the smooth barrel on the Gen 1 darts. The silica overlay which is the worlds hardest dart coating to enhance the feel of the dart and the hardwearing of the dart over time, this also gives a slightly softer feel to the end of the dart compared to the pixel grip at the front of the barrel. The stems have been reworked to give the silica coating chance to shine for people who grip the dart at the rear, then the flight provided is the new Vapor-S shape that Phil has designed from start to finish but other styles are around for those who do not like the size or flight with the lower sized flights.

As a piece of equipment these darts are not the cheapest darts in the world at £78 but in our opinion they are more than worth the outlay when you consider the feel, strength and balance of the dart.

Don’t take our word for it give a read of the actual information that Target say themselves below;


The Phil Taylor Power 9-Five Generation 3 from Target Darts. The next Generation in Dart technology has been developed for Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor – 16 times Champion of the World.

Phil needed additional grip on the rear of the barrel and more synergy between the barrel and his thumb and finger. The solution is Silica Titanium Nitride, the hardest dart coating in the world which for the first time is overlaid on the Pixel Grip.

Phil’s new barrel features a dual coating of Gold Titanium Nitride and the Worlds hardest dart coating – Silica Titanium Nitride, a combination to protect and enhance Targets unique Pixel grip.

The Phil Taylor Power-9-Five Generation 3 features the new Silica coated, Titanium Gen 3 Shaft with enhanced grooves at the base of the shaft.


So come into store or go online here to order your own set of the Power 9Five Gen 3s.

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