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New Year, A New Start?

January 17, 2016 |

A New Year, A New Start

2016 has dawned and is nearly three months old now, so all of you should e by now half way into your new year fitness schedules right?

If not then do not fear as at Ron Flowers Sports we have you covered…….

If you want to get out there in the freezing temperatures and go for a run we have all the cold weather clothing you could wish for, from hats to gloves…from tights to tops we have everything and our expert team will make sure you get just the right kit you need.

If for new year fitness a new pair of shoes is in order then don’t worry in store we offer a gait analysis service which can detect how you run and then our specialist team will put you into the correct pair of shoes to fit how you move.

For those who prefer a indoor sport we still have you covered with the latest in darts, indoor football, card games, pool and snooker as well as much ,much more

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