1000 Mile Fusion Anklet Sock


The Fusion Sport Anklet Sock from 100 Mile offers a Blister-Free Guarantee. This feature is a double layer construction which eliminates friction between the shoe and sock, therefore reducing friction between the sock and the foot. Because of this, the skin should not be rubbed by the sock, meaning no wear out for 100 miles of use and no blisters. The sock lining is made from a Tactel fabric which is a dynamic specialty fiber which creates a soft, supple, smooth and breathable fabric. According to rigid testing, Tactel fiber is at least twice and soft and 20% lighter than most commonly used fibers. This fabric also allows cool air to flow through the garment at the same time as releasing warmer air from the inside of the sock, creating a cool environment for the foot. The Heel zone is fully padded and extends to protect the Achilles tendon. The padded area offers additional support and helps to protect the Achilles. The warmth provided by the padding keeps the tendon supple, increasing the blood flow, reducing swelling and aiding recovery. A bracing system has been added around the arch area to offer additional support in this key area and will improve the fit, keeping the wearer comfortable and supported at all times.

Size Guide

Ladies Small 3 - 5.5

Ladies Medium 6 - 8.5

Mens Medium 6 - 8.5

Mens Large 9 - 11.5

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