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Opro Custom - Your Own Personalised Custom Fit Mouthguard. Make your own dental impression with the kit provided (full instructions are given). Send to Opro, who will make your own personal mouthguard. Your personal mouthguard (with your name or club name on it) should arrive within ten working days. An opro bronze mouthguard is provided free for you to use while you wait for your personal mouthguard to be made. Not suitable if you have bridgework, fixed braces or loose teeth.

Suitable for those aged 10 and over 

Full Details: 

There is no better protection than a custom made mouthguard! The opro custom is suitable for all contact sports. 

Audio cd, impression tray, impression putty, full instructions, bronze mouthguard and order form all included. You can choose basic colours using the form, or order special colours on the opro website. There is no extra charge for any single colour mouthguard (unless you opt for a heavy or proimpact version). You can also order special designs online (see instructions). Some special designs (eg club colours, or country colours) cost extra. You pay the extra amount to opro directly when you register the mouthguard online and tell them what design you would like. 

A medium weight mouthguard is good for sports that do not use a hard stick or ball (eg rugby, judo, soccer etc) and where the head is not an intentional target. A heavy weight mouthguard is good for sports that do use a stick or hard ball (eg lacrosse, cricket, hockey, martial arts etc) or where the head is an intentional target. A proimpact version (combines the slimmer fit of a medium with the extra protection of a heavy) is also available. 

If you need a heavy or proimpact mouthguard you will need to register your mouthguard at the opro custom website and request the upgrade.

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