Gilbert Flare Netball Shoe



The Flare is specifically made for the female netball player, featuring the Adaptive Cage System including lightweight mesh that provides air flow, structure and support to the ankle and foot. 

In addition to this, the shoe has Heel Wrap Technology involving an external TPU heel counter, providing improved support for an enhanced fit. Both of these mechanisms are essential for netball which as a sport features lots of quick changes of direction. 

 To support the foot and provide cushioning when landing, the Flare shoes have a Gel-tech Pro insert that attenuates shock during impact and take off - essential for netball players.

The shoe also features smart impact absorption using antibacterial foam for the Impact Protection System (IPS) for even further shock absorption. 

It is incredibly important for both indoor and outdoor netball, that athletes have shoes with maximum grip. The Flare have been designed with a key pivot point near the toe of the shoe to aid change of direction, using Pivot1 with Xrtr-dura rubber compound for grip. 

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