Powerglide Status 9.5mm Snooker Cue



A hand made 2-piece snooker cue with hand spliced 4-point rosewood butt with a front splice of rosewood and maple with matched grains at joint. 9.5mm tip with brass ferrule and a leather buffer. Length is 57" and available in 17oz, 18oz and 19oz. A 6" mini butt is included with this cue.

  • Cue Length - 57" (144cm) 
  • Shaft Length - 71cm (27.9") excluding the male joint and tip 
  • Butt Length - 73.7cm (29") 
  • Shaft - High Grade A hand selected ash with enhanced grain 
  • Tip - 9.5mm with brass ferrule
  • Butt - Rosewood 
  • Decoration - 4-point rosewood butt with front splice of rosewood and maple 
  • Joint - Brass "quick action" 
  • Butt End Joint - Yes 

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